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A Tension Free Life Awaits..

...Really? The conclusion of my and several other people's 12th Class Board Exams will bring in a month of freedom and an impression in the mind of the younger mob that there days of tension are over.
First, there will be people who will be crying because of the denoument of their school lives. But that's how it has been always. You don't get to choose. So, live with it. By the way, I am not that kind of person. So, what bugs me? 
True freedom and elbow room is a lie.. Don't get sad. I'll just bring you face to face with the reality. You keep studying. Always. Sit back for a while. Think. Will books cease to exist in the distant future? Will you not be able to get the knowledge later?
Well, the problem is huge and the solution has been too narrowminded till date. Keep Studying and you will get the true pleasure some day. Why to wait for that some day?
You already know that after living the last day of your life, there is some heaven or hell? The state of nothingness…
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The Passion Never Dies...

(Dramatic Music playing) Just like that. Once you know it, there is a batter inside of you; your heart. It tells you that exact moment, about what you have to prosper in life. What is good, what is bad.
And most importantly...

Your true paroxysm.
I realised the same when I was a boy of age 13. It was about time I passed my 6th class and started thinking way beyond the human intellect. Actually, The Bollywood Intellect.
Ohh Yeah! The moment was here.
I made up a flip animation which I came up with, a few days ago. I didn't see it from anywhere.
A pigeon flying and recorded. On a piece of paper. Two actually.
Daddy saw the very same and discerned that his boy had uniqueness inside of him. So, now I had freedom of becoming whosoever I wanted to become. It's not like anybody could stop me earlier. But yeah, the virtual stamp was there BIATCH! Trust me when I utter these words out. "It's never too late"
Never. Ever. You just have to ask your inner souls. Discover the …

Christopher Nolan: A New Idol

You know... there came a time when some Nolan guy started making films and I would, at that very moment start imagining my dream projects. (My dream lane: A secret yet to be revealed)

This man has inspired me a lot. His ideas and imagination is far beyond the reach of a normal living human. This man's history is something, He never went to a film school or something like that. Whatever he does is his idiosyncratic fabrication.

His upcoming highly anticipated movie 'Interstellar' gives me an eerie and sort of exhilaration as to what he will come up with now. Yes, it's different every juncture! Let me have the honour of quoting an example: When we dream, we just dream right? there's no gala time or some real life gestures and emotions related to it? No hulalalalalalalala right? RIGHT? :3
But this man, the one looking in the camera and creating 'The Thing' fosters movies out of the fathomless preoccupation that lounges under. He does superheroes. He does scie…

Iron Man 3: Analysis

Its not easy for a film to win my hearts.. :P and when it does.. I do an Analysis of that film, so here I am back with an analysis of the much awaited Iron Man 3!

So Shane Black, the legendary director makes a comeback with Iron Man 3... and the trailer does the talking... Have A Look!

Actually I am going for the movie with my friends in a couple of hours from now.. So to overcome the excitement I am writing this blog..

Good Points

It has all the crazy geeks and gadgets like the holograms that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jt.) is fond of! ... and that's what audience loves..!The movie is famous for its various armors... varying from Mark I to Mark VII... The story is not same now.. The movie itself begins with Tony testing the Mark 42! Look at the passion!An extremely thunderous and dangerous villain... Mandarin.. known to be the biggest villain of Iron Man... famous since the comics..Return of Pepper Potts.. and now she too wears the suit.. we'll talk no more!Famous Antagonist... …